We specialize in hosting and web design

We offer all of our clients a full-featured cPanel login and we are willing to handle that for you in the event that you don't want to deal with that aspect. This also includes weekly back-ups and a 98% server uptime so that your ideas can be reached at any important time.

Bass Software, we do what we say
  • 98% server uptimes
  • Fully-featured cPanel login included
  • Weekly back-ups
  • Fully-featured email accounts
  • Large bandwidth amounts
  • Scalable hosting accounts

Our Values

All of our guiding principles that we run our business by


We believe that the best route to encouraging business is encouraging community and interaction. We are only as good as our staff, clients and neighbors are standing.


The only way to make sure that there is trust is by being honest in all aspects. We are completely transparent and open about all aspects.


We do what we say we will.


We strive to bring new technologies to others.


If we uphold the prior virtues, our communities will grow and improve.


What we have created

About Us

There's a lot of things that can be said about us. We've all done our own amazing work seperately and now we do even better work together. Without teamwork, a lot of what we do wouldn't be possible on our own, I know that personally. We've pushed ourselves to the very limits of our own sanity before and tried to find inspiration at times. The important part is that we've always found a way, because the stars are the limits. Some of our team has been together in different endeavors years ago and still have found their ways of sticking together to continue the work that they've started. All of us being some of the best of the best with our development skillsets, we've managed some amazing feats that few can say they've done.

We are a team of professionals and lifelong enthusiasts in Northern Utah. Collectively we have over 30 years of experience in the field and each have their own success stories.